Personal Projects

If you are not having fun you are doing it wrong.


Hoop there it is

Often thought of as a craft your grandma would make, I applied intricate techniques of cross stitching and embroidery with a pop culture twist. My favorite things to embroider are nostalgic 90s video game characters, animated cartoons, and rap lyrics.


I successfully ran an Etsy shop selling handmade elephant sweaters. Through this project I researched consumer psychology in social media marketing, learned how to operate a small business, how to shoot and edit RAW, video edited in Adobe Premier Pro, and adapted effective time management strategies to meet consumer demand.


Modded Gameboy Color

After identifying why the GameBoy Color I had found at a thrift store would not turn on, I bought replacement parts and was inspired to enhance my gaming experience by modding it to have a front light. This required gaining skills in soldering and basic electronics. 

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