Migrant Student Information Exchange

The Migrant Student Information Exchange (MSIX) is a platform mandated by the No Child Left Behind Act of 2001. The product compiles data from multiple state information systems and allows for easy, electronic access to migrant student records. These students often move from state to state, multiple times a year, following their parents’ work and often times that leads to lost records, delayed graduation, and student drop out. MSIX ensures the appropriate enrollment, placement, and accrual of credits for migrant children.


Make it responsive. Make it bigger. 

MSIX’s previous reports were difficult to navigate and lacked readability. This required an improved redesign of their reports to scan student records more easily. 


Agile FTW

Tag teaming with an art director, ux designer, engineers, and a solid handful of clients I was able to create many visual experiences that brought this outdated system to modern design practices. 


Lots of information. So little space. 

I took on the role as ui designer halfway into development. Branding and basic styling had already been established by another designer, but working files were not prepared for development. Required starting a new Sketch file. Based on styles that had already developed it was difficult to adapt to more complex components such as nested columns. Client wanted more content on tables than that could be effectively read. We shared a difficulty in reducing content shown on one page.


Testing testing 1..2..3

User testing played a vital role in identifying the best solutions to frequent problems the field agents were encountering when using the application. MSIX neeeded to be responsive ready as the majority of the users report data via tablet. User testing allowed us to pinpoint how and where we could improve upon our design that best suits the needs of the client. 

Readability and scanability were the greatest obstacles were were able to solve by increasing font sizes, creating better color contrast, and reducing as much information on the table data as possible. Together we were able to create a workflow that allowed for ease of use for seasoned employees so familiar with the old system as well as newer agents adapting to a complex system for the first time. 


Change is good

Our clients are very passionate about the imporant role MSIX plays in the US educational system. The application was very outdated and the need for a refresh and reorganization of user experience design proved it itself beneficial to working with the mobile technology we have today. The MSIX application now allows for ease of use, greater readability, and a brand that more closely represents their target audience of users and students. 


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