Coming into one of the world’s largest consulting firms was intimidating, but I knew I had found a supportive team to help me grow and develop into a stronger designer. Aside from killin’ it learning the ropes of agile development and designing impactful, visual experiences, I volunteer a lot of my time outside of my client projects to improve the overall quality of work satisfaction for my studio crew.

My goals are to utilize the strengths and interests of those I work with to create opportunities to make everyone feel a part of something greater, shape an environment worth being proud of, and come in every day learning something new about everyone’s story.

Events I’ve planned

Ice Cream Sundae Social
Halloween Costume Contest 2016 – 1st Place as Scorpion from Mortal Kombat
Halloween Costume Contest 2015 – 2nd Place as Rufio from Hook
Holiday Party 2016
Game Night 2017

24Hr Instagram takeover

Out of 120+ practitioners, I was selected to represent the Deloitte Digital DC studio as part of a social media campaign for the international Deloitte Digital Instagram page as well as Twitter and LinkedIn. For 24 hours I had the opportunity to share a glimpse of the fun personalities I get to work with everyday, some studio traditions we celebrate, and a bit of some Washington D.C. scenery.

  • 1.5k+ Instagram impressions
  • LinkedIn post had 72k+ impressions and an engagement rate of 2.19%, almost double the average
  • Twitter post had an engagement rate of 3.92%.  This is huge. The monthly average is 1.2%
  • Leadership loved it too! I received retweets from Andy Main and Nidal Haddad, two of Deloitte Digital’s Principals and Diana O’Brien, the Chief Marketing Officer.

Key to success: gratitude

On First Fridays we have one of our own take the stage once a month to share any topic they choose with the group. I volunteered to kick off the start of 2017 to share stories of my Roots. As deathly anxiety inducing public speaking used to be for me, I gathered the courage to share my stories of the identity struggles of being raised by immigrant parents as a first-generation Filipino-American, my earliest creative inspirations, and how my experiences have shaped my drive to come to work every day to be overly positive and continuously ambitious.

So what’s next?

August 30: Chicken & Waffle Wednesday

I host a series of events called DDxUnplugged every few months for the whole studio to get together and de-stress for an hour with each other. On the menu we have sweet potato waffles + whipped maple butter and vegan/gluten free waffles we will be making in the studio together for lunch. The first rule of DDxUnplugged is you can’t talk about work.

August: Monthly Coffee Fridays

Dan graciously donated his personal chemex and kettle that he was getting rid of, Jason is a big coffee nerd, and Surya used to be a barista. With our powers combined, we are having ourselves a quick midday break once a month to talk beans, brews, and anything but work.

September: Women of Deloitte Digital DIY Terrarium Party

The ladies of the studio are getting their hands dirty and building our own terrariums to have a chance to step away from our computers and client calls to reconnect, get inspired, and form stronger team relationships with each other.