Hello & kamusta!

drop me a message at nerissamonton@gmail.com

My name is Nerissa Monton, and I am a visual designer from Washington D.C. I specialize in web and mobile design as well as illustration. In addition to crafting beautiful and impactful design solutions, I highly value building a solid team foundation across disciplines to effectively communicate the development of projects from start to finish.

Follow more works in progress, doodles, and things I geek about on instagram @nerissamonton

What I’m Reading

The Art of Game Design
#C Programming in Easy Steps
Designing Your Life

What I’m Making

Video game in Unity 3D
Etsy shop items
Photo lightbox

What I’m Listening To

This American Life
Lo-Fi hip-hop
Whitney Houston on repeat

What I’m Watching

Game of Thrones
Game Developers Conference Talks
Attack on Titan

When I’m free

Raspberry Pi emulator

Who Inspires Me

Sky Brown